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Well obviously as the title says here are some of the songs that I have been listening to atm. Heads up my music taste is very diverse but if you see some songs that you know and like then that's amazing! And you can of course also check out my Spotify playlist called 🦄, I know so original... hahha I'll link it at the end of the article ;)

by Sabrina Carpenter

bed, room, and bedroom image art, drawing, and eyes image

by Tara Mobee

theme, aesthetic, and music image photo, tech, and technology image

Plot twist
by Marc E. Bassy

article, flowers, and yellow image sunflower, flowers, and yellow image

by Maggie Lindemann

Temporarily removed black power and melanin image

Remind to forget
by Kygo and Miguel

beach, blue, and city image couple, love, and bed image

In my blood
by Shawn Mendes

Image by queen b ❁ sea, rock, and ocean image

by Jón Jónsson

boy, eyes, and aesthetic image love, hands, and couple image

Hearts ain't gonna lie
by Arlissa and Jonas Blue

forest, tree, and nature image Temporarily removed

Falling Short
by Låpsley

Image by Pina Image removed

Do right
by Glades

clothes, inspiration, and Zara image aesthetic, flowers, and green image

I wanna know
by NOTD and Bea Miller

Temporarily removed flowers and plants image

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