➻ For this article I don't have introduction. I have no words to start. I think the title speaks about itself enough. I will only say that this article will be long. Maybe too long. But I'm sure that there are people who need to read it.

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➳ What is Depression?

What is Depression? Do we really know what Depression is?

Depression is not that feeling when you get sad over something stupid for ot two days. It's not being rejected from your crush. Depression is worse. Depression is a life-drainer. It grabs you for weeks,months, years... Sometimes it gets better, you feel good, you feel happy, but when you're alone again, it starts all over. Depression it's not over-reacting, it's not attention-seeking action... Depression is someting you need to worry about. Depression is something you need to fight with.

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good description for depression in my opinion.

➳ Since when I have Depression?

The purpose of this article is not to tell you my problems. I don't search for help. I'm here to help people.

I'm having Depression since 7-th grade, or with other words 4 years. I can't say I have bad life. I have friends, I have the love of my life, I have my family, but I have my own problems. Like low self-confidence, anxiety, and negative thoughts.. Many of them. The point is I know what people with Depression feel. I know it can be worse, because it was. But I decided to fight with it. And I will not stop until I'm able to be truly happy again.

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Motivation is the key to victory!

➳ How I fight with Depression?

Fighting with something in your head is hard.

I mean really hard. Sometimes you think you can't do it anymore and you should just let yourself sink in your own thoughts, BUT you can't do this. Like anybody else I had this moments. And i still have them from time to time.

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In moments like this, I can barely think about anything else than dying, slipping away, crying, cutting.

Like anybody else I listen to sad music and make things worse. But why should we treat ourselfs like this? Does someone deserves it? I think we all know the answer.

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Remember the second one!

After some time I finally saw what should I do to get over my Depression.

Before I was cutting myself... I mean really bad. My hands, my legs, my stomach. I was cutting everywhere. I had problems with my mother, with my friends. They thought I wasn't even trying because I was only hurting myself. I couldn't explain that this was the only way to not feel the real pain inside me. One day I promissed that I will stop. I searched for advice on how to reduce the pain I feel without cutting.

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  • ↪ Don't think cuts are beautiful.

Cutting is not something beautiful. It's not someting romantic. It's not just something you should like.

  • ↪ Think about the people that love you.

You may think there are no such people. But your mother has only one child. Your brother don't admire anybody else but you. Your friend will not forgive herself/himself for not saving you. Don't let your pain to go to your most loved ones.

  • ↪ Try drawing instead of cutting

Drawing instead of cutting also helps a lot. Draw something beautiful on the place you want to hurt yourself. Make something valuable from your pain. Don't let it get control over you, and over your abilities. Keep making art, keep making others happy to feel better. To feel needed, because you are!

  • ↪ Listen to the right music

I have a few songs you should listen to instead of sad songs. I will leave them here.

  • ↪ Don't let society to make you feel bad

Don't let society hurt you. Don't let someone else opinion about you to make you feel bad. Don't think you're not beautiful because someone else told you. We are all beautiful in our own way. We are all loved. Remember this.

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➳ Find with what you are valuable to the world.

Everyone is valuable with something in this world. The world needs your weirdness.

Don't let people make you feel useless! You know how useless I felt the last years? I thought I can't do nothing, that I'm just a waste of space. I know many of you are thinking the same. But I found my place. I found my escape in writing. Poetry, prose, stories, everything. I express my feelings with words. I help myself and I help others. Try to find your place, try to find your thing, If you don't have the streinght to do it I will tell you something. You are born with one mission. You are born to continue the human kind.

You are valuable. You are needed. You need to keep living and fight for your life. You are alive for a reason.

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➻ In the end of this article, I want to wish you luck with fighting with Depression. I really hope that everyone will soon get over it. I want to remind everyone one thing:

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➻ If you need someone to talk to, or if you are on the edge of doing someone risking your life visit the site of WHI, with available help:


➻ If you don't like this idea you can text me. I will help you with everything I can. If you want someone to talk to, to share your pain, text me. I know how you feel and I promise I will try my best to make you feel better.

➻ If you want you can check my other articles and collections.

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