"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone."

Hii everybody!
Lets not waste time and start with the tips. Anyway, only very few will read this text in the beginning haha ^^

ǀ Smileee :)

Yes I know sometimes you just don´t want to, but photos look so much better when you smile!

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ǀ Be comfortable with your posing

Stay in natural poses and maybe practice some in front of your mirror.

ǀ Wear clothes you like

I think I don´t have to explain. You feel more confident and comfortable ^^

if you want some inspiration (ps. it´s my own collection haha)

ǀ Know your "good parts"

Know if you look better from the front or the side, how to look in the camera etc. Just know how you look great and practice it.

ǀ Pretty eyes

Open your eyes. Look in the camera. Don´t look like you fall asleep.
(and if you don´t want to.. wear sunglasses)

curly hair, eyes, and girl image long brown hair, photography inspiration, and girl site model image

ǀ Make up (if you want)

Thats not so important, but can really improve your photo. I not at all say that you have to wear make up! I like natural looks too, but... just try it maybe you like it.

ǀ Find the right light

The best time to shoot is in the morning. The best you use natural sun light. And if it´s possible avoid hard shadows.

Temporarily removed glasses, lips, and sun image

ǀ Get inspired by other photos

Yes you read right. Try to recreate other photos you like and learn out of them. It can really help especially if you are not so experienced.

(not mine, but they are really good ^^)

Some extra tips:

  • Be happy! Simple, right?
  • Try something new. Why taking the same pics all the time?
  • Invest in a good camera.
  • Grab a few more people for the one or other photo.
  • Do not exaggerate with filters.
  • Shoulders back, stand straight and keep your tummy in. hahah

So these were my tips for how to take bomb photos.
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I hope you have a nice morning, evening, day, night whatever.
Bye Bye
- Alina