Isn't it lovely, today?

Let's begin with a simple and fresh: Happy Easter!

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Are you already into Easter vibes? Have you already created a beautiful, inspiring WHI collection to share what Easter means to you?

There're times, like Easter, when we just get overwhelmed with too many stuff. Here at WHI, I've seen lots of amazing articles about different ways to de-stress or tips on how to have a clear, relaxed mind. There are endless benefits of relaxation such as:

➙ Boosting your memory.

➙ Keeping yourself away from depression.

➙ Helping you make better decisions.

If you want to know more about how relaxation time can improve your life, make sure to tap on the following link:

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So since headspace is so necessary these days, I've decided to share with you some 'sounds' (more like soundtracks) that I think can make you feel more relaxed and less stressed, along with some activities I've read about in those amazing articles I've mentioned before.

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  • One Day (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

... While waking up on Saturday.

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To fully enjoy this soundtrack follow these steps:
1. Wake up.
2. Open your eyes.
3. Observe what surrounds you.
4. Play some soft piano to lift your mood!

  • Black Beauty Original Soundtrack

... While reading a book.

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Although this soundtrack is perfect for adventure/fantasy books, you'll have a great time reading any book with its - sometimes slow, sometimes fast-paced- chords.

  • Sunshine On Leith (The Motion Picture Soundtrack)

... While going on a car trip.

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This soundtrack has cheerful songs to sing as if it were the end of the world, but also some songs to sing quietly looking out the window.

  • Before Trilogy

...While having a bath.

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The main ingredients of this playlist are:
- French kissed songs.
- A touch of guitar strings.
- Different, charming melodies.
The films of the trilogy are beautifully made and if you want to close your eyes and enter a peaceful world, choose this soundtrack.

I hope you enjoy these soundtracks as much as I do :)

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➳ My next article would be for the lovely #TheSmileProject, so stay tuned if you want to smile a little!

That's all folks! (yeah, I'm really fond of all kinds of bunnies -real or not- even more during Easter),

― j.s. ♥

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