I decided to write this article under the influence of my friends ... unfortunately, under the negative influence. Every time I run into problems in life, an unpleasant feeling arises inside me. Feeling as if I can not do this, I will not be able to do anything, if there are no friends, there will never be, if I can not learn well now, it will never work out again.
Then I closed in my room and did everything to cheer myself up and realized that I can do what I really want, doing my little desires and leading to a dream.Motivation works wonders ...

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Honestly, I do not know where I'm going with my sixteen-year experience, but still.
If you were thrown by friends, they do not want to communicate with you or you are in a temporary quarrel (or maybe not), just give yourself and them time. Fair. Just time.
On this occasion I'll give you a little advice from myself: I've cared for outsiders all my life more than about myself and now because of them I suffered, but you can treble so that you leave a personal memory for everyone. Throughout my life, I gave to my closest friends absolutely everything that was lacking in fantasy and finance (which is not).

If my girlfriend loves some idol, I printed out to her small photos of this idol. I painted my friends in the image of their favorite heroines from films and books. Now these photos are in her workplace, and the picture weighs on the wall in her room. Most often these are things that they will not throw away. Here they can easily tear your joint picture, but the pretty face of a beloved guy from a popular boy band ... not everyone will raise a hand to such an act. Therefore, leave behind some good things. Looking at the things that you personally gave them, in the mind of your friends, thoughts of you will emerge. Believe me, even such small things can awaken strong feelings. Perhaps your friend will not stand resentment and finally will talk to you in the end. Do not hold a lot of evil on them, we all are sometimes silly.

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Because of friends, I very often abandoned my studies. No matter how I tried to separate these two things, I eventually covered one with another. Then I stayed with bad marks and no friends at all. Super (I thought)!
I advise you not to drop your studies. If problems begin literally with everything and everything starts to break like a house of cards, your marks will be your lifebuoy at the time of depression.
I do not speak becomes an excellent student. if your friends distract you just let your friends know that you are worried about it and ask not to distract you from something. If they are your true friends, they will understand you.
But there is such a thing as a period when nothing happens, and this stupid chemistry does not get into a silly head (I personally do not get along with chemistry). I've opened books and the Internet, video lessons.
And now the bad advice that I use now and sometimes very often. Ask others to write off the job! Save as you can, but get this mark! Forgive me for the terrible advice, but it is very important if parents require you to study well.

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Speaking of parents ... oh, here I am not an assistant. They are different for everyone. I agree that parents sometimes lose their temper, and there are times when you are ready to kiss them. It happens to me. I will not speak ill of them, of understanding and rigor. Just ask you to give them the same small gifts as your friends. For example, every spring I am engaged in poaching, collecting a whole bunch of lilacs for my mother (we are not forbidden to collect flowers).
Sometimes I just buy in the store for the family something delicious or something that they have never tried. Sometimes it makes you very close ... but not always.

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Oh my God, I'm crazy about my hobbies. If it were not for school, I would already be a genius. I draw, I play the piano, I learn languages and as a normal teen girl I'm a fan of a lot of idols, I want to watch all the series and films, video on YouTube and write my book. No, well, you imagine? That's why I'm waiting for the summer vacation.
Just take some time or even days to study, and another for what you would like to do. For example, do some homework on one day, and the next day you will have time for yourself.

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I hate this thing! It's like she's chasing me here and there. Believe me, you are not alone, he thinks that he is not perfect. I was called a hare several times because of the fact that my two front teeth are slightly larger than the rest. Now imagine what I should do? Teeth are not a figure, they can not be corrected, what nature has rewarded. And I have a big nose and I'm very thin, so I can not wear heels, at such a rate I reached the point that I like only the color of my eyes. Some complexes have a solution, believe me. I wear heels only where my thin ankles are closed, my face I learned to correct for months by video on YouTube, now I do not look as bad as I thought of myself.
So first of all go to such a thing as the Internet. Not for nothing that invented Google. Ask the internet, friends, relatives. And find the motivation to which we are now moving.Let yourself shine.

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Okay, okay, I'm silent with my life experience in this last point. I'm insanely influenced by the works of idols, for example, as a Korean group BTS, some of their quotes seem to be for me. Like the one that Jungkook said from this group:"If you feel that it's hard for you, then you are going in the right direction."
Therefore, do everything possible from yourself, but do not overwork, sometimes it can badly affect your health, as it once happened to me. In the end, you have you, remember that you are capable of everything you dream about.
(I will put pictures of these wonderful motivators for me, so do not judge me.These guys deserved it.)

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Perhaps my advice and stupid, but in the circle of my friends, we often discuss this. Therefore, take care of yourself. Become the one with whom others will take the example. And remember that while at least one person believes in you, you are capable of everything. And one person you already have. And it's me.

Love u, Victoria :3