Hey guys, I'm here with another article, brands I really need to try, some of this brands don't exist where I live, so, in a near future, I really hope I can try them.

  • Chanel
chanel, makeup, and make up image
chanel, lipstick, and makeup image
  • Too faced
makeup, pink, and heart image
girls, goal, and makeup image
  • Anastasia beverly hills
makeup, beauty, and make up image
anastasia image
  • Glossier
pink, aesthetic, and makeup image
aesthetic, cosmetics, and glam image
  • Milk
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cosmetics, Foundation, and makeup image
  • Nars
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  • Naked
makeup and theme image
cosmetics, makeup, and naked image
  • Tarte
makeup, beauty, and tarte image
beauty, collection, and cosmetics image

i really hope you like this article as much as I do, lots of love