Although Disney I love, there are other movies (not belonging to this franchise) that I find beautiful and maybe a lot confused to think they are Disney when it is not.

I hope you enjoy!


"Fly with me and I will be your wings".
— Prince Cornelius.
bee, wing, and canon image Temporarily removed Image by tenderlygirl Image by Lady America ginger image bee image
(Thumbelina, 1994)


"So long as you're here, Odette, there will always be magic".
— Prince Derek.
Image by VampireHeart animal, beautiful, and beauty image hair image Temporarily removed engraved, etsy, and downton abbey image aesthetics, artemis, and fairytales image
(The Swan Princess, 1994)


¿A change of mind?
No. A change of heart.
Temporarily removed train, travel, and vintage image winter, snow, and tree image quotes, heart, and the 1975 image france image moscow, russia, and photography image
(Anastasia, 1997)


" I will fly on mi father's wings, to places I have never been"
Image removed Temporarily removed Mature image dragon, fantasy, and eye image girl, hair, and lace image knights image
(Quest for Camelot, 1998)

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I hope you really liked it, enjoy it a lot.

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