- A combination of things that are pleasing to look at.

If you haven't noticed already: I. love. aesthetics. I really admire people who can stick to one aesthetic, 'cause I, unfortunately, can't. I have too many "happy" days to stick to a dark aesthetic, but I also forget to water the plants, so the plant-mum aesthetic isn't for me.

But anyways, I made a list with some of my favorite aesthetics. It took a while. I did research. My mom even thought I was doing a school assignment (lol, as if. It's Easter break.)

Eager to find out what kind of aesthetic you relate the most to?

Enough talking (reading?) , let's get started!


Plant Mom.

aesthetic, cafe, and donuts image white, plants, and aesthetic image aesthetic, glasses, and grunge image aesthetic, green, and music image
This may be one of my favorites! Loves plants more than they love themselves. Cute round glasses. Probably always has "Milk and Honey" in their kรฅnken. Has a "save the bees"- pin on their jeans jacket. Friends with everyone. "What do you mean, 20 plants is enough?"

Primary Colors.

blue, retro, and art image Flagged For Review blue, fashion, and indie image blue, retro, and theme image
Beware, here is my all time favorite! only has the colours blue, red and yellow in their closet, with a little bit of black and white. Loves art, especially painting. Lives for shirts with text on it and sweaters. Loves comics.

Pastel Alien.

aesthetic, colors, and edit image rainbow, aesthetic, and pastel image pink, outfit, and pastel image Image by Juh
Probably the most popular aesthetic so far. Loves blue and pink. Stans k-pop bands. Has false nails, probably baby blue. Believes in aliens. Acts sassy and bitchy, but is actually really sweet. Shops all of their clothes online.


Temporarily removed wallpaper, purple, and background image choker, clothes, and fashion image Temporarily removed
I tried to be like this, but I failed miserabely. Loves tumblr more than anything else. Hoe for holographic things. Loves to make this crazy kind of edits. Tired 24/7. Has an obsession with the Greek/Roman culture.


gif, pink, and cuddle image pink, balloons, and heart image aesthetic, fashion, and princess image hearts, pastel, and pink image
I only ever see this one on tumblr. Also, to clarify, this aesthetic is not just sexual! Loves to wear chokers. Only wears white and pink. Always wears glossy lipstick. Loves to be called kitten, baby girl/ -boy and princess. Loves high socks. Seems innocent, but is actually the "naughty friend". Loves cuddles.


black and fashion image empty, black, and grunge image girl, grunge, and tumblr image black, dark aesthetic, and light image
tried this one too. failed again. Only wears black. Loves deep quotes. Stays up all night. Loves to take photo's. Hates it when people call them goth. Has a supercool tattoo of like a paper airplane or something. Loves coffee.

Nerdy and Preppy.

chic and fashion image book, library, and aesthetic image book, glasses, and writing image fashion, style, and outfit image
I really love this one! Loves to write and read. Probably a Ravenclaw. Wears nerdy glasses. White collars. Tea. Binge watches doctor Who. Loves to tell people random facts. "The smart friend". Teachers love them for no reason.


So? What kind of aesthetic do you relate the most to? Let me know in the non-existing comments. Lol, just kidding.

I'm probably a mix of the plant mom, the primary colors and the preppy kid. But, honestly, everybody wants to be called princess and kitten, right?

Anyway, I hope you like this article, 'cause it took a lot of time.

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Bye y'all! โ™ฅ