Hi everyone! I finally got the courage and the time to post another article. Since my ideas suck i decided to present my cat, Garfiel (and if you thinking what i'm thinking, yes, he's orange and fat :D).

He's very lovely, and he likes to play a lot, The only problem with him is that he's hungry ALL THE TIME!! He wants to eat all the time and only food that tastes like fish. If u decided to give him food that tasted like meat he wouldn't eat the hole day. True story, i tested! But beyond that, he's very cute ( you guys can see him on the pic above).

You would spend some funny moments like, when i'm taking breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever.. He just sits at the kitchen door and looks at me like "Give me some of that please" ^.^

It's amazing when i get home from work and know that he's at the door or window waiting and in the moment i get inside all he wants is love. Its awesome!

Well, i really don't know waht else to tell you about him. If you get curious about him you can always send me a message, i'll answer as soon as possible.

Thank you all.
Always look up!
Mia 🌷