Hi lovelies ♡

Recently I was thinking that I haven't posted anything too personal about me, I was wondering if I should do a challenge or a post like "13 things about me", "this or that", or another.
When I was casually reading one of those bloggers I love, I remembered she usually post what's happening on her life with a post usually called "taking stock".
So here is mine:

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Making: A coffee becuse I can't live without it. But I'm drinking less than before.

Drinking: Less alcohol! I'm amazed by that, I used to drink like... 2 times a week and now I don't drink that much, not even close.

Reading: Less, and that's sad. I don't know what to do about it.

Wanting: To learn quickly the language I'm studying, will be my 3th language, english is my 2nd.

Playing: SuperStar BTS almost every day, I'm in the Gold League, so yeah... I should play less games and read more.

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Deciding: What I should do next, I don't want to procrastinate, but after posting is so usual for me to scroll over WHI to read some articles and look over profiles to find some good ones.

Wishing: My work will be fine this week without drama... I just wish it... Working with musicians is a pain in the...

Enjoying: Days were I don't have to work and I can spend watching movies. reading blogs and listening music. I had lots of free days lately ♡

Buying: New makeup, please someone stop me! I have enough but I keep buying.

Wearing: My new underwear, isn't it great when you use new one? I love it haha.

Admiring: Some great accounts here on WHI

Feeling: Anxious about my plans and goals, I want this year to end but at the same time I know I have to enjoy the proccess of fulfill my goals.

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So... this is! I made it kinda short because I didn't want this to be boring.
The original by Pip on meetmeatmikes.com is longer but she doesn't make it boring, so... you can read her too.
Feel free to do yours, just give her (Pip from the website above) the credits she deserve, and tag me if you want me to read yours.
I just checked and she have her new Taking stock haha I didn't expect it today

P.S This are good articles ;)

P.P.S Feel free to message me any time