The true dream is being able to dream at all
-Meredith Grey

"Work hard and your dreams will come true." "Dreaming is only the beginning of your success" We all have heard those phrases before, maybe people say this to us to motivate us. So we can keep pushing, but have you ever wanted for your dreams to stay dreams?

We need dreams. Dreams make our reality better. It gives us hope that there is something more that you can do. And when you tell someone about the dream you have, they immediatly try to motivate you to make it a plan. And you start to think to yourself that its impossible or maybe you dont have the strength to make it possible. People will motivate you to keep pushing and to fulfill the dream you just told them, and that's probably because they want whats best for you. But if you don't want to fulfill your dream, its okay for your dream to just keep being a fantasy you made up.

Keep dreaming. Keep living your life. But never feel obligated to make something real because it's what you have to do. Want to keep it a dream, keep it a dream. Want to make it a plan, make it a plan. You are not obligated to create a plan for everything in your life. You are allowed to fantasize about your ideal moment, and keep it just a fantasy. Reality can be mean sometimes. Life can be hard sometimes. So let´s hold on to dreams, to the hope that dreaming gives us, because being able to dream, to create something with your own mind is amazing already.

Create your dream