there are so many people, bands, movies, and art work that i draw inspiration from constantly. but the one source that i always find myself going back to is the wonderful William Shakespeare. something about how he was able to put words together is just beautiful. to me what he did wasn't just writing, it was a work of art. one of my most valued possessions is an old book with all of Shakespeare's plays. it was my mom's in college and she gave it to me. you have to use a magnifying glass because the print is so small, but it is always my go to book. i think he is the reason why i love love so much, he writes romance and tragedy so beautifully.
some of my favorites are:

romeo and juliet

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such torment, tragedy, and betrayal....but above all else, truly unconditional love. how could you not get inspired?

if you have anything thoughts or care to add anything to what i have already wrote, i would love to hear your thoughts. please just no hate. thanks!