Life is not to take seriously, or we would all die without having experienced our first kiss, the first trip, the first time you try a new and different dish, as we would think about the consequences, and we would not act on any of the cases, fearing the after ...
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I like to see life as a game, where I can sink the fleet again and again, form a trivia with my own riddles, or a puzzle with my head to solve the trivial, or the chessboard, to do the "checkmate" "to my opponent.

To turn our life into a video clip, or into our favorite movie, being us the protagonists, and falling in love with the beautiful protagonist, an impossible love, why not?
Or lose their temper and end up being a fugitive from the police for carrying bags of money on top.

It's all possible, without really giving a shit what they'll say.

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You smell the flowers and have them transport you to another new world, and without chains to be tied to. Listen to that song that you like so much and dance until you fall exhausted to the ground. Travel, and discover the world, meet new cultures and become attached to them. Fall in love again and again, you will never waste time falling in love and forgetting, maybe you learn from failure, but you always learn.

Do a thousand more things that you fear, or do not do them for lack of time, do them and discover the world that they never taught you in school, and where only life teaches you.
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