so maybe I told you who the fuck I am

my name is Lara and I´m 16, from Germany and a really bored person

oh and sorry for the failures I may make

so this article is as you see about:
why I hate boys.

boys are mean
they think they could do all
they do like their kings
boys are rude
so they really think we like to be called "their bitch"
they do like we are nothing

sometimes it seems to be, that boys forgot that we have feelings too

and ok I´m not one of the biggest feminist but fuck who are you to think that you can treat us like shit ?

why are the most boys so ignorant and arrogant
if boys really think we like assholes then they are wrong
we don´t like assholes
we don´t like fuckboys
we don´t like cold hearts
we don´t like bad boys

yeah of course sometimes we think we like them

but really?
do you really like boys for just one night ?
for breaking your heart?
for treating you like a hoe?

girl you´re a f***ing princess and you should know that.

dont give boys the possibility to hurt you

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