It's not you, It's me. That's what you told me the day I got on a bus to head back home. It was the last thing I wanted to hear from you. You said you weren't ready for a relationship. Then why did you waste my time? I wish I never would have met you because I wouldn't be sitting here wondering what I did. Wonder how I could better myself for you to like me. Because even though it has been a month since I last saw you, I still think about you. I asked you what I could do to better myself. You replied that I was perfect. If I was so perfect, then why did you treat me so well and leave. No really, you treated me like a was a princess. You offered things and surprised me with things I never knew someone could do. It was the little things with you. That's what I liked most. I never had to ask. You just did it. But there's the problem. You treated me like a princess and not a queen. If anything I should have realized what you would have done. I want to hate you so badly. I keep thinking about you and I hate it. I told myself I would never go through this feeling again and damn you for making me feel this way. You probably will never see this but then again you might someday. I think it's time for you to realize how much I was hurt because now I'm back to where I started. Trying to repair myself from someone I really started to care for. I read that I should give you three days and if you manage to call or text me from your busy life then I'll stay. When you are actually ready for a relationship I will be there for you. But if in those three days I don't hear a word, I'm done. Because I need to be happy and waiting around for you isn't what my happiness looks like.