Supernatural (2005-)

supernatural, Jensen Ackles, and jared padalecki image jared padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and supernatural image
It looks really interesting and like something I could easily get attached to

Lost (2004-2010)

charlie, lost, and sun image lost, lostie, and abc lost image
I believe it would keep my eyes on the screen

Fear the Walking Dead (2015-)

Image removed actor, boy, and gif image
I watched The walking dead so I'm assuming I'd like this one too. Also, Daniel Sharman.

The X-Files (1993-2002, 2016-)

x files, x-files, and 90s image fbi, fox mulder, and the x files image
Looks spooky and lika a classic I must see

Outcast (2016-)

poster, show, and tv show image Image removed
Never ending horror story? I'm in!

The Listener (2009-2014)

actor, actress, and blonde image blue eyes, canadian, and handsome image
I watched a couple of episodes and I liked it, so I definitely want to check it out

Slasher (2016-)

Temporarily removed
It looks interesting

Scream (2015-)

Image removed scream, brooke, and mtv image
It maybe is kinda cliche, but it still got my attention

Channel Zero (2016-)

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
It's either really good, or really bad. We'll see.

Hope you liked my list, and I hope I gave you some ideas if you're looking for some new show!