This is only a summary of the project. For more information you should definitely check out their pages. Links will be down below.

I found out today that the special fan project has been extended. For the ones who have not seen my earlier post on this, this project is all about showing love to 24K. There are several events planed, approved by toh 24K and Choeun, 24U's can join to show what 24K means to them.

There is also a new feature. The support rubber bands! Everyone who wants to support this project can order one of these bracelets right here:

Also, the letter event has slightly changed. Instead of giving the boys all seperated letters, the letters will be bound in a notebook if the admins recieve over 50 letters. This notebook will be personally delivered to Choeun by one of the admins.

Please everyone, join and share this project. Let's show them some love!

Letter Event: 20th of April
Video Event: 24th of June
Dance Cover Event: 24th of June
Fanart Event: 24th of June
Photo Event: 20th of April
Raising MV Views: 24th of June

Social Media


Twitter (Souza, @Island_Ilva):


Also, don't forget to support their Makestar project. Even if you don't have the money to actually buy something, please share this link!

I don't know who took the picture of Hongseob, but whoever did, I love you! This is one of my favorite photos now