Hello, the article of the day will focus on the 5 places I want to visit:
"List 5 places you want to visit"

Well, I would like to visit almost all the countries (a lot of them) of the world but my big dreams of travel are:

  • In Winter:

-Iceland: I would really like to visit this country; it's so amazing!
The northern lights, the blue lagoon, the geysers, Jökulsarlon. I hope to go there next year, possibly in february or in next Noël vacations.

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-New Zealand: This country is so attractive. Between the extreme sports, the incredible starry sky, it's a place not to be missed. The black water rafting, the ice-hiking, dream beaches. I hope too to go there next year in particular in february.

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-Canada: I dream to visit that since 3 years. It looks awesome. The blue lakes with mountains behind, the incredible towns like Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, etc...; the typical wild animals of Canada, the northern lights, the small houses covered with snow, and finally the language of Quebec, I love the accent!!

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  • In Summer:

-Australia: I think it's my first dream of travel! The landscapes are breathtaking.
There are turquoise beaches with white sand, the kangaroos, the koalas, the desert, the surf, the delicious restaurants with stunning views and of course the Great Bareer of Corals.

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-Maldives: it's really the paradise on Earth! The turquoise lagoon, with crystalline and warm waters, populated by thousands of multicolored fish.
I would like to do snorkeling inside the Indian Ocean and hoping see turtles, whalesharks, manta rays. And farniente!

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I hope you enjoyed this article.
I apologize in advance if I made spelling mistakes, I'm French.