Remember the little Nightingale,
The day she broke out of her egg,
She did not know how to fly,
But she wanted it so bad,
She wanted to touch the sky,
She wanted to feel the air,
But nobody let her try,

Under the warmth of her mother's fur,
Everybody told her to stay in her nest,
For the world out there is so cold,
But her desires couldn't let her rest,
They told her the dangers of flying away,
But the land of her dreams was too big for those fears to conquest,

So one day, She tried,
And that day, She flew,
She took a deep breath,
Deeper than the height of the mountain she was standing on, and blew,
Closed her eyes and spread her wings,
She was beautiful than anything,

When she felt the air, she could finally breathe,
It was everything for her, indeed,
It felt like forever, No "buts" or "ifs" just "ands",
She found herself, she never wanted to land,
She flew higher and higher and forgot the world,
But she didn't know what's gonna happen to her,

The storm came and in air she drowned,
She couldn't fight the tornado and fell straight to the ground,
When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a cage,
Her wings were broken and so was her faith,

She realized that moment that the sky wasn't what she thought,
The nest was her home, it was where she can never fall,
Now she knew it wasn't a prison, it was where she was safe,
She wished for time to come back but now she cannot break through the cage,
The air she thought of as her freedom, now makes her suffocate,
Remember the little Nightingale.