Hi beauties! It's Ems.
I looove animals and these are my favourite animals. I hope you enjoy reading and...have a good day :)

  • Aquatic turtles
turtle, blue, and sea image Temporarily removed turtle, animal, and beach image animal, animals, and baby animal image
  • Dogs
dog, animal, and cute image dog, puppy, and animal image dog, animal, and puppy image dog, cute, and puppy image
  • Cats
aesthetic, animal, and kitty image cat, cute, and animal image cat, cute, and animal image cat, cute, and animal image
  • Dolphins
Temporarily removed dolphin, ocean, and animal image dolphin, animal, and summer image dolphin, animal, and water image
  • Does and deers
animal, flowers, and deer image Temporarily removed animal, cute, and deer image cute, animal, and deer image
  • Foxes
animal, fox, and cute image Temporarily removed Image removed fox and animal image
  • Parrots
Image by ษพฮฑีฆีดฮตส† ฮตฯ‚ษ•ฯƒษ“ฮตฮดฯƒ blue, nature, and photography image bird, animal, and rainbow image Image by Lika
  • Horses
Temporarily removed girls, horses, and horse girls image cheval and โ™ก image Temporarily removed
  • Elephants
Image by Bug Image by mindfulweeb elephant, animal, and nature image Temporarily removed
  • Monkeys
Image by Purple flower Image by Stephanie Peters Image by TXINGU VK monkey, animal, and cute animals image

That's all girls. Check my account and my articles. Have a good sunday <3

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Love you boos xx

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