Hey guys, i really hope you like my articles, this is one of my favorites, enjoy

Full on glam

This is perfect to a night out with your gals, or going to the grocery store to buy some milk.

makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image
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Dewey sun kissed look

For me, this is a lot of highlight, minimal makeup in the face, bold brows, mascara and messy hair.

zendaya, beauty, and black image
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Elegant makeup

It’s perfect for a dinner party, not too crazy, fluttery eyelashes and red lipstick.

kendall jenner, model, and beauty image
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Nude / soft makeup

This is perfect for a daily fresh look.

cindy kimberly, blonde, and makeup image
goals image

Festival look

makeup, festival, and glitter image
beauty, festival, and girl image

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