hello everyone !!!

I hope y'all are excited for summer as much as I am , honestly just the thought about how satisfying having Baskin Robins ice cream on a hot summer day will be is making me even more excited ( if that is even possible considering my level of excitation ) . Anyways today I'm letting you in my closet essentials for summer 2018 .

1. Fun sunglasses

sunglasses is must fave for me , not only it protects your eyes from the sun but it also adds an extra touch to your outfits , you can have fun with different styles of sunglasses and making your outfits looks more well put together .

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2. White clothing

for me personally white means cleanliness .White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity.
the color white is my absolute favorite color especially in the summer because reflects light so it will keep you cooler under the sun plus it makes your outfit looks expensive .

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3. Small purse

during the summer I don't really like carry a lot of stuff around with me , so a small simple purse to go with most of the items in my closet and fits all my necessaries is all I need .

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4. Simple gold jewelry

gold jewelry is the perfect way to make your outfits look more expensive and chic . It adds femininity to the outfit and makes it look effortless .
it transform a plain outfit into an Instagram worthy outfit .

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4. Bandanna

I am a big fan of this way of styling bandannas . it looks good on every texture of hair whether its curly, wavy or straight .

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5. Denim

denim is one of the most worn items in many people's closet , I mean you can never go wrong with a pair of jeans am I right ?, its a staple in every closet for all the seasons but I love wearing light washed denim during summer and spring .

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6. Colors like yellow and red

Growing up I remember my mom always telling me that colors like red and yellow do not suit darker skin tones ,so I never owned anything that has these colors but now I completely disagree with that because I believe that these two color suits every skin tones and even give them a glow . I decided that this summer I'm going to explore more colors that

I never wore before starting with these two .

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Thank you for clicking my article , I'll be back with more .

with love ,
Randa .