1.If you want a SIMPLE DECORATION with not many things just for be beautiful your house you need...

2.Plastic or real eggs
3.Small chickens

For simple decoration you must put your things(basket,eggs...)to be away one another.

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2.If you want a COLORFUL DECORATION with a lot of different colors and different things you need...

1.Colorful eggs
3.Different small candles
4.Stickers with ladybugs
5.Colorful ribbons

Do not put next to colors same colors for example yellow egg and yellow egg.

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3.If you want a DECORATION WITH LIGHTS a light decoration you need ...

1.Not many eggs
3.Easter Lanterns

You can decorate your things as you want but must be a motif .

colorful, decor, and decoration image

4.If you want a DECORATION WITH A LOT OF THINGS with to words "Full decoration" and "full decoration" is very beautiful you need...

1.A lot of eggs
5.Easter big baskets

As you put your things the "full decoration" is beautiful and there is not false

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5.If you want a DIY DECORATION is good idea make bunnies,eggs,lanterns and if you want to do USUALLY you need ...

3.Colorful dust

There are a lot of materials but those materials we use usually.

3d, bunny, and decoration image

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