Hello babies, welcome back. today i will be writting about some people i really like and some of them i have been stanning for years, i even made friends all over the world because of some of them! (the beauty of internet)
Benjamin Lasnier
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maybe some of you heard of him before but if you haven't let me tell you something about him. so he's 19 years old, lives in Denmark, is a singer, songwritter, designer (he had his own fashion line few years ago), model (that's how people found out about him, he would post photos of himself on facebook and he got quite a following since) and a youtuber (don't know if he's still posting tho but i might be wrong so go check it out). from what i've heard he's supper nice and also good looking. instagram: benjaminlasnier twitter: benjaminlasnier
Alex Lange
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another internet sensation (this time instagram).he's 17 years old and he's got quite an attention on instagram since 2015 (i think, or was it 2016?). okay backstory to his life : he was born is France but moved to London when he was 3 and lived there since he was 12 years old, then he and his family moved to Los Angeles which is where he lives right now. He's a model(instagram, for what i know he doesn't have an carrer in it but if i remember well he was modeling for Brandy Melville back in 2016(?) on one of their collections, BUT it might've been his brother Matt (we'll talk about him later) i don't remember well, sorry), actor (he has acted in Black Code) and a youtuber (go check him out!). he's dating an acrtess Bailee Madison (we'll talk about her later too) and from what i've heard he's SUPER nice and sweet guy, also he's been showing support for literally everything (black lives mater, Manchester shooting, shootings in general, feminism, supporting his gf's movies and shows (super cute!), school shootings...etc).he was in Team10 when it first appeared but he left it last year. i might've missed something but overall i think that's all. instagram: alexlange twitter: alexmlange
Sabrina Carpenter
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you've probably heard of her but if you haven't you should check her out. even tho i don't know much about her these are the things that i do. she's 18 (turning 19 soon), she's an actress (she has acted in Girl Meets World,Law And Order (i think she was guest in one episode), the Goodwin Games, Orange is the new black (one episode)) and a singer (recently she had a song out so go listen to it it's called " Alien"). from what i've heard she's a sweetheart and very nice person. also i know that few years ago she was dating an actor Bradley Perry (he acted in Good Luck Charlie as Gabe) and as of now we don't know who's she dating, there were rumors about her dating her GMW co-stars Peyton Meyer (few years ago) and as of recently her other co-star Corey Fogelmanis, but it still remains a mystery. instagram: sabrinacarpenter twitter: SabrinaAnnLynn
Matthieu Lange
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the blonde dream guy! haha but jokes aside this guy is the sweetest and nicest guy ever! so a little about him : he's 20 years old, well for his early childhood you can go check Alex's little bio i made bc Matt is his older brother, he's a model, he went to university for finances but he left it last year to pursue his modeling career, he's also a youtuber so go check him out. as a kid he used to be very shy and didn't have much friends, he said he would often sit and eat alone (ouch, why wouldn't someone want to be friends with him?). his love life is not known to public (we love a low-key guy). as far as i know he wasn't in any drama and he was supporing everything listed at alex's little bio. adorable bean 100-10! instargram: matthieulange twitter: mathieu_lange
Bailee Madison
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do you guys remember when this little bean was acting in Wizards of Waverly Place as Max when he turned into a little girl for a couple of episodes? well that little bean isn't so little anymore she's 18 now and has since been in other shows and movies, she now has a pretty good career. she's always spreading positivity and is just one of my favorite people in the world because she stands with positivity and people, she's worked hard for everything she has now and is a true inspiration! i don't know many things about her but the one's a know are the one's i'll share, and that is that she's an actress (as already mentioned), she has written not one but two books!! ( Losing Brave(2018) and ZigZag Kids Collection : books 1 & 2 (2010)), a producer (she was only 15 when she produced her first movie!) AND she has a clothing line out now! we stan a hard working ,positive spreading queen here people! and to add a cherry to the top and finish this little bio she's happily dating Alex Lange. instagram: baileemadison twitter: baileemadison
Shawn Mendes
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vine sensation! you may remember him from his home made covers he used to post on vine app but this guy is now playing for sold out crowds all over the world!. he's super sweet and fun guy, if you look at any of his interviews you'll see that he is such a nice, down to earth guy and that he swears a lot! jokes aside he says he swears a lot but for some reason he doesn't swear in interviews, he catches himself before he does and just change the word. he's a singer, songwritter and a model (tripple thread lol). in just 5 short years he went from posting home made covers to becoming a very succesful artist. he's been an opening act for Taylor Swift on her tour Red and has so far only been growing, who knows maybe one day Tay will be an opening act for his shows ;). he's 19 years old and has recently posted two songs ( In My Blood and Lost In Japan) from his next album, which is coming, as he says, "soon". as far as i know he's a very sweet guy, he loves his fans and is very kind to everybody. it's impossible that you haven't heard of him but i wanted to include him too because he's worth stanning. forgot to say that he also has his fragnance out so go buy it if you can. instagram: shawnmendes twitter: shawnmendes
ps. there are a lot more people but i can't include veryone in just one post but i'll make part two soon
hope you enjoyed this post
love you, take care

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