There are some symbols of the Easter, today we will talk about them🌸

🍳Easter eggs:

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Many people—mostly children—also participate in Easter egg “hunts,” in which decorated eggs are hidden.

🐇Easter bunny:

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In some households, a character known as the Easter Bunny delivers candy and chocolate eggs to children on Easter Sunday morning. These candies often arrive in an Easter basket.

👗Easter bonnet:

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New clothes have long been associated with the idea of newness and a fresh beginning.

🌺Easter Lilies:

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Throughout the years, painters and sculptors used the white Madonna lily to symbolize purity and innocence, frequently referring to Mary. This lily doesn’t force well, so nurseries couldn’t get the flower to bloom in time Easter.

🌴Palm branches:

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Today, on Palm Sunday, Christians still carry palm branches in parades.

🐥Spring chicks:

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The chick, hatching out of the egg, symbolizes new life or re-birth.

🕯Bonfires & Candles:

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Today, bonfires represent the light coming to the world through Christ. The candle is also used as a symbol of the light of Christ.

🍞Hot cross buns:

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Today, hot cross buns have a cross of icing on the top to remind people of Christ.


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The Butterfly is one of the significant symbols of Easter. Its whole life cycle is meant to symbolize the life of Jesus Christ.

🐑Easter lamb:

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The lamb is also a symbol of Easter.

That's all. Thank you for attention.❤