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•500 ml vegetable milk (eg soy)
•1 cup of sunflower oil
•500 gr yolanda flour (for cooking without egg)
•250 gr sugar
•1 on yeast
•12 ml red coloring
•250 gr vegan cheese spread
•90 gr vegetable margarine
•100 gr glass sugar
•150 g of cream for vegan riding


•The first step is to prepare the cake. We will do it as always, mixing first the dry ingredients (flour, sugar and yeast) and then the wet ones (milk and oil) and in my case the dye. Mix until there are no lumps and a homogeneous mass remains and pour into the mold (which previously we have smeared with oil). For this cake I used a 24 cm diameter removable mold like this one. We bake for about 30-45 minutes at 180º. Remember to put the oven to heat before starting to cook so that it is ready when we have the dough.

•Once the cake is ready, we will have to let it rest and cool to be able to cut the slices. I left it overnight in the fridge.

•When it is very cold, touch one of the difficult parts, cut the three sheets of sponge cake. I recommend doing it with thread like this video, since it worked out pretty well for me.

•The next step is to prepare the cream cheese. First we mix the margarine with ointment texture (that is not cold and it is manageable) with the glass sugar until it is homogeneous. Then add the spreadable cheese and again mix well. Just add the whipped cream and stir to homogenize.



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