Inspired by the song by Nina Nesbitt, I decided to write something about my past, about all those moments, those memories I have that I miss so much, although I know nothing is going to be like it was any more.

The moments I'm missing

  • One of my first memory as a child is me playing with my bestfriend, we wre 3 and 4 year old and we would make soup with some rocks; Widh I could go back to being so innocent. His name is Clement an he is the best person I know.
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  • 6 year old, my first injury (and my last lol). I was playing with my bestfriends and I fell down the stairs. My bottom lip was bleeding so much, I was so scared.
  • 6 to 8 year old, going over to my bestfriends every day after school, I just had to cross the road between my grand parents house and theirs.
  • 12 year old, my first real boyfriend, middle school love. Lasted 4 month.
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  • Middle school years : made friends, lost friends, crushes, stories, first parties, sleepovers, boyfriends...
  • Starting Highschool : I always though Highscholl was the best time of your life, when you would make real friends forever, well when highschool began I got desapointed, starting dating a weird guy that left me 2 month after,...
  • ... But just when I started to give up, during a school trip in Germany in sophomore year I fell in love with one of my good friend. I remember the last day of the trip like I was yesterday. All day He made me feel like he was really into me, on the way back home we spent the night listenning to music together and holding hands. Trust me at 15 year old THAT IS something big. But when we arrived home, he aced like nothing happened and h would just ignore me.
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  • Started a year and a half of me feeling sad all the time, him sometime hesitating, giving me false hope... untill my 17 birthday in senior year when he finnaly told me nothing would ever hapenned. And then all I had was the memories... But as I look back to it, I konw this time of my life taught me things.
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  • That's when senior year began to be the best year of my life. That's when I met my bestfriends, the one I'll never forget. We spent the best senior year possible and every day I think about it and I wish I could be with those friends again for a few hours in highschool , just one last time...
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  • I guess that's all I remember but that feels good to write about it a little, see you soon for more of my real life stories <3