I had never wrote an article so I'm sorry.
Anorexia Nervosa, a mental disorder.
Not a phrase,
not a lifestyle,
not a wish
It's a disorder.
You can die.
Not only this people who has '' a very low weight''
Everyone can die.

Because a women/man doesn't look like an ''typical anorexic person'' it doesn't mean that she/he is not sick.
It's a mental disease.

Everything starts in the your head.
The thoughts are sick, very sick, but you don't realise it.
You think it's the solution. The solution for everything.
''If I am skinny, everything will be great''
The people will not love you because you are skinny.
The people will be worried about you because you are skinny.

I don't know why, but I don't understand why there are some people who are joking about this serious mental disorder.
Do you laugh about cancer? Or about burnout?
This disease has the highest death rate of the mental disorders.
,,You only need to eat'' ,,Kick off these thoughts'' . Please don't say something like this.

Someone who has this disorder doesn't want this at the beginnig. Her/His goal didn't be the weight-loss. It's a solution for a lot of mental problems which someone cannot handle these at the moment.
Please be serious and be informed if you ever talk about anorexia Nervosa.

Thank you for reading this.