hey lovely Queens! I know that every single one of us are beautiful in our own way, but here are some extra tips to add a bit of sprinkles on the cupcake!

1 ~ I personally am not a makeup freak, and i think we all have a right to show our fresh faces. Wearing light, natural looking makeup is the better way to go so that your face doesn't look like it's suffocating. (if ya know what i'm saying)

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2 ~ Make sure that your hair is always on fleek gurl!
or simply loose

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3 ~ Don't wear too much extra bright or neon colors. More toned and darker colors look the really classy.

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4 ~ wearing jackets always give a finished look.

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5 ~ never forget your jewelry...just don't over do it.

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6 ~ Wearing a watch always gives you an intelligent look. (and it's fashionable)

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Ok that's all for now! Follow me and check out some of my other great articles!