There's this cheesy quote that people say a lot -"YOLO".
It stands for "You Only Live Once" but if you do it right, once is enough.
Specifically, adults try to warn us about what we should and shouldn't do- which is obviously the right way to go in life.
However, if us teens don't step out of comfort zones and try stuff that we "shouldn't", we will end up being boring.
This may sound cringe but its true! My point is that, if someone tries something new that the world says they shouldn't or they do something new for the first time (that isn't typically correct.) Don't just abandon them.
Furthermore, if you do something a little wild, don't regret any single part of it because at one point, that was exactly what you wanted. If we weren't supposed to do little bad things, the world would find a way for us to avoid them.
Now this isn't me saying, go rob a bank or try some major drug that may put you at risk. This is me saying, try adventure before dementia.

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