i´ve seen this tag floating around on instagram, so I decided to do it as well.

a: age - 17
b: best movie - Harry Potter
c: current time - 5:51 pm
d: drink you had last - orange juice
e: every day starts with - my bed
f: favorite song - IDGAF by Dua Lipa
g: ghosts; are they real - to me they aren´t
h: heigh - 5´4
i: in love with - pizza
j: jealous of - people who can speak in front of a big crowd
k: killed someone - no? wtf
l: last time you cried - yesterday while watching the longest ride
m: middle name - don't have one
n: number of siblings - one
o: one wish - to know exactly what I want to do
p: person you last texted - a good friend
q: question you're always asked - where is the alcohol lol
r: reasons to smile - someone out there loves you no matter what you think
s: song last sang - Strangers by Sigrid
t: time you woke up - 8 am
u: underwear color - grey
v: vacation destination - maldives
w: worst habit - idleness
x: x-rays you've had - finger and toe x-ray
y: your favorite food - pizza
z: zodiac sign - capricorn