Apart for their entire wedding ceremony, most girls have already imagined what their future home should look like. I am no exception. So, today I'll give you a tour in my dream home.

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Ever since I was little I always cherished the idea of buying an old house. Then, I would completely strip the inside and restore the outside trying to keep as much of the authentic elements and combine it with modern touches. I used to think I preferred the space the countryside offered but since I am living in the center of a town, I do appreciate the proximity it offers. Even if I should ever head to the borders of a city, I am yet to determine whether I prefer a forested area or a seaside view.
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For my living room I would like to keep it simple. With lots of natural sunlight streaming through big windows, wooden accents, green plants, books and trinkets gracing shelves and tables. I'd prefer to keep it as simple as possible with a few extraordinaries to draw the attention.
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I am not a kitchen princess so to me, the kitchen doesn't have to be the biggest place in my home. However, in my family the kitchen is truly the heart of our home so it should be a nice place to be in, wether it is to grab a snack or prepare a full three course meal.
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Just to have a library at home would be absolutely amazing. Especially with a comfortable leather couch, big windows and a breathtaking view to lose yourself in the pages of your favorite book.
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As with everything I'd like to keep the bedrooms clean and simple. However, there should be a little more colour or something a little more special about it. An eye catching rug or a special bed, colorful pillows,...
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I like to combine old elements with new elements. I would love for my bathroom to mirror that idea. A nice bathtub (but also a shower because no one has time to take a bath daily) with tiles. The cabinets should be filled with all sizes of soaps and bath foams rather than twenty shades of lipstick.
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I do not have the green thumb to pull off a gigantic garden. Hence why I should totally rely on easy plants that require zero to none special attention. Nevertheless, I do prefer my gardens a little wild, a little more natural.
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Even though I prefer simplicity when it comes to decoration, I have a sweet spot for special details. I hope that one day a delicate rug, colorful tiles, playful doorknobs, fresh flowers, staples of books and rare antique this and thats will grace my home.
It's not how big the house is, but how happy the home is.