Dear you,
I saw you liked my last "aesthetic article" so I decided to write another one.
This time the fandom is Shadowhunters, one of my favorites ;)

Let's start!

Clary Fairchild

girl and flowers image converse, shoes, and red image art, paint, and painting image gloves, aesthetic, and black image
she's my favorite redhead, she's such an artist, her drawings are amazing, but don't think she can just paint and stuff, she's also a great warrior

Jace Herondale

aesthetic, black and white, and dark image jeans and ripped image shadowhunters, ring, and aesthetic image aesthetic image
he's a broken one even if he seems the strongest boy on earth he isn't, he doesn't even know who he really is, but with Clary he becomes another person

Isabelle Lightwood

red, lipstick, and makeup image Image by Nathalia González Temporarily removed red, heels, and aesthetic image
she's powerful, the incarnation of woman power, but under this cover she's just a girl who never found the right boy to love

Alec Lightwood

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Mature image Temporarily removed
he was apparently weak, but when he finally managed his feelings he found his inner peace, he fought for his love and now he's happy

Here it ends, I hope you enjoyed and felt inspirated by this aesthetic article.


in case you missed it ;)
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in case you were interested ;)