Hi everyone ! Today I'll be recommending seven tv shows that I absolutely love. I hope you're gonna like it. Sorry if you see any mistakes english is not my first language. Let's start !


I didn't see the entire season but I really like it. It's about an autistic guy and his crazy family. It doesn't seem that good but I promise you you're gonna love it !

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This one is very mysterious. It's about a girl living in a foster family because her parents died. One day, she meets a sort of secret agent. She goes to live in a sort of center to become a serial killer with some other teenagers. I really liked it because it was not too long to watch (10 minutes each episode, 10 episodes). I don't know if they are planning to do a second season(I hope they do).

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The title is not super appealing but I swear it's super good. It's about a girl named Liv that is fiancé with a guy called major. She is a student and she has a perfect life. One day, She goes to a party where people take drugs (opium). They actually don't know that the doses are infected with the zombie virus. She becomes a zombie because someone scratched her at the party. She cuts her hair and dumps Major. She now works in a morgue with her partner: Ravi. As a zombie, she need to feed herself with brains and she gets them at the morgue. When she eats a brain, she gets visions from the owner of the brain.

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This one is about six teenagers who are in the hospital : Jordi, Leo, Emma, Kara, Dash and Charlie. You will be very disappointed to see that there's only one season :( but it is super good.

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You probably have already watched this one but imma say it anyways. This one is about two very different teenagers : James and Alyssa. They both hate their families and they run away together.

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I can't even describe my love for this tv show !!!!!! I am not gonna summarize this one because it is super popular but it is so freaking amazing.

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This one is an old one but it is super good. It's about a doctor who has a lil problem with his leg so he needs a walking stick. He and his team takes care of the most difficult cases of the hospital.

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That's it ! I'm definitely gonna do a second part. Hope you liked it and found it helpful. Bye :)