HI everyone,
thanks for clicking on my first ever article! I always loved writing so I thought: why not?
-Without further due here is my top ten of the things that make me deeply HAPPY!

1/ The Ocean:

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I am a true Oceanholic that can spend hours in or observing the sea.

2/ My Family:

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They are who I can truly count on and with who I can share my deepest wounds.

3/ Nature:

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Either for a day or go camping for a week be in nature without any connection with the external world is how I resource myself. Re-charge my batteries and feel deeply stress-free and happy. Mother nature is life's greatest gift!

4/ Friends:

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Nothing like having an afternoon tea or a good party all together. Also they are with whom I live all my adventures and have the biggest laughter!

5/ A good book:

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Reading a good book makes me so happy! Through my imagination I can escape reality and live through the different characters.

6/ A good movie:

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Usually I'll chose a funny comedy to cheer me up but any motivational old movie does it!

7/ Music:

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Listening to music, dance and sing instant satisfaction!

8/ Football:

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Cause I just LOVE it!

9/ Art:

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Drawing and painting all together with music in the ears.

10/ Photography:

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Here you go, hope you enjoyed!! Xx