🌻 So I have seen lot of people do this tag, so Im going to do it too + my style changes a lot so this isn´t the final look . 🌻

🌸Hope you like this🌸

1. How do you define your style?

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I Change my style a lot and i mix a lot of styles so i cant really define it yetI

2. What piece of clothing do you most have in your closet?

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skinny jeans, t-shirts, comfy sweaters, comfy socks.

4. Preferred shoes?

adidas, white, and shoes image

5. Favorite bag?

Backpacs or something like that

gucci, bag, and black image

6. Bikini or Swimsuit?

bikini, fashion, and summer image black and white, blackandwhite, and fashion image

7. Bracelet or paste?

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idk what paste is so bracelet

8. For you, which is the season where people get more stylish?

beach, clothes, and fashion image

9. What is your favorite fashion site?

i have no idea

10. How famous would you steal the closet?

Marla Catherine
shes a youtuber