Last summer my friend who I had known my whole life told me that she had a really bad depression. She had suffered from it for years but haven't told any of her friends because she didn't know how. She has always been this happy, supportive person, reaching for the stars. But she didn't think she was good enough, not beautiful enough, not smart enough or not funny enough.

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So many of us feel like they aren't enough and they're not perfect. Well guess what. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT. You CAN'T be perfect. Because nobody isn't. We weren't born to be perfect. We were born to grow and learn. We are aloud to make mistakes and wrong choices. We are aloud to feel sad, angry and displeased. But we are also aloud to feel happy, glad and grateful.

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It's okay if you feel all that. You are aloud! But remember that there are so many things to feel grateful and happy about. First just look at yourself on the mirror. Do not ever be afraid to do that. Look at your eyes. What color are they? Green, blue, gray, brown. Whatever. Your eyes are unique. Nobody has your eyes. And I'm hundred % sure your eyes are beautiful. Because all eyes are beautiful. Eyes are actually my favorite part of human. Then look at your mouth. What color are your lips? Then your cheeks. I have really chubby cheeks so I look like a baby pig. But I love them because they are part of me and without them I would look really different and not good. What color are you hear? Blond, brown? My hair has actually no color. But with some other color I would bet I would look like a clown. Try to smile. Just smile at yourself. Because you are beautiful and smile is the best makeup everybody could were. What happens when you smile? Do you get dimples on your cheeks when you smile?'

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You can speak, walk, dance, hear, think, dream. Just think about that! Those are so amazing skills! You can hear good music, see grate films, nature and people. You can go to places, even if they are only in your backyard. I have never went anywhere. Still I walk everyday to different places and just listen and watch around me. I live in Finland so it's really cold all the time. Right now my backyard is filled with SNOW! It's the second day of April!!!! Yeah... But still it's beautiful... Little full of it by now tough XDD

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You are never alone. Even when you feel like you have no friends in school, home or on your hobbies. You have just believe me. There still are people who really care for you. Your family and people you don't even know. They do care for you. And if you have bullies. F*** THEM! You are perfect and amazing. Don't let people who don't even know who you are have that kind of power over you! Usually they have also problems with their life and you're the one whom they land their bad emotions. Do your best and it will be enough. And if somebody ever bullies I will come and kick their butts! Because nobody isn't that bad that they would be aloud to be bullied. Just keep your head high! I'm rooting for you!!!!

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And always remember that there is always someone who loves you more than anything. Even if you aren't a believer, believe me! God loves you. He made you. You are His child. He watches you all the time and even when it feels like your all alone He is there. You might feel like He isn't helping you and He doesn't love you. But He does!! Just believe me and He will help you if you ask. You just have to believe that He can help you. You are not alone.

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If this morning you got up from the bed you are already a winner! If you remembered to brush your teeth you have done something wonderful and something I forgot to do almost every evening. Remember those little things because life is hard and it may never get easier. But you are a superhero of your own life. We all are! And if you tomorrow wake up and eat some breakfast and go to school or work or anywhere YOU ARE MY SUPERHERO!

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My friend was in really bad situation but she got trough! I don't know if she's healed totally but she's feeling better and doin' better

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You don't have to have your life planned out. Nobody knows what's going to happen in the future just have an open mind and HOPE

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Remember. Just like my friend you were, you are and you will always be beautiful, smart, funny, loving and perfect and unique. You are always enough :)

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