How to explain my feelings?
I'm hurt.
My mind is in a mess.
I tried to make you love me, I really do. But you're gone and I stayed alone with memories.

Two months later I still think about you. I don't know why we had to become stangers.
I feel sad and happy at the same time when I think about our first kiss, conversations with you... You were the first guy I loved and probably I will always love you.

I am different now. And now I feel like I don't miss you but I miss old days when I was truly happy and in love.
I'm lost in my feelings but ready to start again. I'm ready to move on.
I'll be happy again. I'll love again.

I hope that one day we will talk about why we needed to become strangers. Till that day…this is the last time that I write about you.

All you need is time.

So, hello little dreamers !
This is my first article. I hope my text has helped one of you and that you got a point.

I am here for all of you guys. I will learn you how to love youself no matter if your heart is broken or whatever. Just remember: You will always be important and special person for somebody.

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You can also sent me a postcard and we can become friends. :)

So that's it for today.
Have a great and productive week.
Bye guys !