Hiii, hello, aloha! I’m so excited about this article, since it’s about being single. Single girl. The label that’s so scary and makes us girls feel so damn bad sometimes…

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Okay, so before I jump into my favorite topic of ALL TIMES, I gotta make some coffee. It’s been hours since I had my last one, so mommy needs her coffee fix, PRONTO!

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There we go, we all hooked up. One more thing babes, if any of you is going through nicotine withdrawal, having headaches, pleeease, send me a message and tell me what helps you deal with that.

I think that being single as a girl is way more “harder” than being the single guy. When you’re a guy and you have a partner, you’re awesome. When you’re a guy and you’re single, guess what - you’re still awesome! Why? Because single guys don’t deal with labels like old maid, weird, complicated, too picky, arrogant, narcissistic, sl#t, wh#re and so on, the list is never-ending!
When they go to the party or family reunions, people don’t tell them “Oh, don’t worry, you’ll find that special someone” or “So you’re single… You must hate men”. So, my beloved girls, under any circumstance – don’t be single or else you’ll get judged and people will feel sorry for you.

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It seems that everyone’s convinced that a girl is desperate unless she’s in a relationship. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shitty one, or you’re not happy, you’re not feeling loved. What’s important is that you have a man by your side.

NOTE: I’m not assuming that only straight girls read my articles and I’m talking about hetero relationships now because we gotta let everyone know that “a man by our side” is not enough for happiness and is not the measure for girl’s value!

I, myself am a single girl. Not the desperate one, I’m not having mental issues, I’m just single. Simple as that. I don’t have a boyfriend right now. Period.

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I actually love my life. Yes, you can still live and breathe without a guy. Don’t get me wrong, being in love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to any of us. It’s a wonderful thing to be in a meaningful relationship with someone who understands you before you even speak.


Girl, you gotta learn how to be happy on your own first. You can never be happy and you will never fall in love if you think that your life is good only when you have a boyfriend! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN!

Make yourself a priority. In order to be able to make someone else happy and receive love, you have to focus on yourself first. You have to create a wonderful life for yourself and enjoy it, love it from the bottom of your heart, so that when an awesome guy appears, you’ll be that confident, positive, independent girl who’ll make him go crazy! (in a good way lol)

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Enjoy this moment right now! There are so many things to do, so many experiences, so much memories to make! Don’t be searching for love as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Breathe slow, baby, you’re gonna be alright. And I’m not saying this just to say, it but because I really mean it.

Okay, baby girl, you gotta learn to be single. You gotta stop beating yourself down and cry yourself to sleep at nights every time when things don’t go well with a guy. It’s time to stop spending the entire day on social media and dating apps and hoping that you’re gonna find the love of your life any minute. You’re putting so much effort and energy in your boyfriend search and YOU’RE MISSING YOUR WHOLE LIFE! LOOK, IT’S BEGGING YOU TO GO LIVE IT!”

That’s exactly what you do if you’re going through all this. You start working on yourself every single day of your life! You don’t wait for the awesome life to come to you, you create it! And when you do – the love will come by itself, trust me. Because like attracts like, and when your life is pure love that you put into it, love gotta knock on your door!

Babes, thank you so much for reading my article! Heart it if you liked it, and let me know what you wanna read more about, love ya sooo so much!!!

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