Hello there fellow IGOT7/Ahgase ♡
I haven't seen GOT7 tag, so I decided to create one.
Let's start and I hope that you join too ♡

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How long have you been a fan?

  • I've been their fan since their debut, so 4 years.

What was the first song you heard from them?

kpop, got7, and gif image dance, girls, and girls girls girls image got7, JB, and jackson image aesthetic, girls, and orange image

Who was your first bias?

got7, jaebum, and JB image jaebum, kpop, and got7 image jaebum, got7, and kpop image got7, jaebum, and JB image

Who is your current bias?

got7, JB, and jackson image got7, jackson wang, and bambam image JB, got7, and jaebum image jackson, JB, and got7 image
♡ Jackson and Jaebum ♡

Who is your bias wrecker?

yugyeom, got7, and kpop image got7, yugyeom, and kpop image got7, yugyeom, and kpop image Image by Blaque Pearl
♡ Yugyeom ♡ Protect hIM AT ALL COST.

Who do you ship?

jackson, bambam, and got7 image Temporarily removed boys, k-pop, and korea image bambam, got7, and jackson image
♡ JackBam and MarkJin ♡

Who is the funniest member?

bambam, got7, and kpop image Temporarily removed bambam, got7, and kpop image funny, kpop, and got7 image
♡ BamBam ♡ But literally they all funny af. Meme7.

Who is the cutest member?

JB, mark, and bambam image boys, gif, and jackson image gif image Image by Rita🧸
♡ Mark, Jinyoung, Jaebum, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom & Youngjae ♡ Can't choose one. protECT THEM ALL AT ALL COST.

Who is the prettiest member?

youngjae and got7 image got7, youngjae, and choi youngjae image youngjae, got7, and kpop image JB, youngjae, and got7 image

Who is the hottest member?

got7, jackson, and kpop image got7, jackson wang, and jackson image kpop, got7, and jackson wang image Image by 𝖍𝖔𝖑𝖞𝖒𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖘
♡ Wild and sexy, Jackson ♡ suddenly I forgot how to breathe.

Who is the best singer?

got7, JB, and kpop image Image removed jinyoung, youngjae, and got7 image Temporarily removed
Can't really choose between our 3 lead vocalists. Literally everyone in GOT7 has a voice of an angel.

Who is the best rapper?

Temporarily removed jackson, mark, and bambam image jackson, mark, and bambam image Image removed
♡ AmeriThaiKong ♡

Who is the best dancer?

got7 and yugyeom image Image removed Image removed Temporarily removed
♡ Yugyeom ♡

What is your favorite music video?

gif, kpop, and got7 image gif, jackson, and k-pop image kpop, JB, and just right image gif, jackson, and JB image
Just right

What is your favorite song?

  • I don't know why I even put this question here, because this is seriously hard to answer. All GOT7 songs are so so so perfect, but I'll say playground.

What is your favorite era?

got7, JB, and bambam image amazing, cool, and dance image JYP, kpop, and mad image Image removed
I have to say If you do era.

Do you own any albums/merch?

album, albums, and jackson image album, just right, and got7 image Image removed got7 image
I own all their albums, except the newest. Also their beautiful lightstick, a lot of poster and other stuff.

If you could say anything to all the members, what would you say?

  • There are like millions things that I want to say to them. I want to tell them how proud I am of them, how much they actually mean to me, how much they have helped me with everything and I just want to thank them. Also that I love them with all my heart and they deserves the whole universe ♡

Now this is the end of this article. Byee ♡~