We start the week with the Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury in the sign of Aries. We also have Mars conjunct Saturn in the sign of Capricorn, where Saturn is at home (as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn) and Mars is exalted (very powerful).

On the 3rd, retrograde Mercury squares Mars and then Jupiter sextiles Pluto. On the 5th, retrograde Mercury squares Saturn and finally on the 7th Venus trines Saturn. All times Central Standard Time (CST).

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This continues to be an upbeat time for you but there could be a few bumps in the road when it comes to communication this week. The week may start off rather confused and you may come across as a little all over the place to others. When it comes to your career though, you are a power dynamo at the moment. Midweek may bring some tense words in the office, the trick is to know that mix-ups are par for the course at the moment and to not take things too personally. There is a good chance to increase your income at this time or to benefit in some financial way later in the week.


You are probably doing a lot of deep thinking at this time, try not to let any negative thoughts become too pervasive now though. The desire to just get away from it all will be strong at this time, especially early in the week. If you do have a trip that you want to book, now is a great time to research where you would like to go but try and put off booking until early May if possible. Your partner is likely to be a great boost to you at this time, making you feel good about yourself and encouraging you to follow your dreams.


Friendship continues to play an important part in your life at this time. Many will be catching up with long-lost pals and this is also a great time to go back and figure out how to make a dream you may have given up on a reality. Those that have been wrangling with others over financial matters, particularly those involving wills, insurance and taxation may find that they have the upper hand at the moment, or at least have the determination and patience to do what they need now. A hidden or secret romance may feature at this time.


Mix-ups may be par for the course early in the week. You are eager to get your message across in the workplace, but you need to ensure that you are aware of all the details. Relationships may be intense and productive at this time. While this can be a very erotic time for some, for many it will be a time when serious and confronting issues are being addressed. There is still a lot of time for fun for you at this time though, and this will soothe your soul somewhat. For some, a romance with a friend or via a group you belong to is possible now.


The desire to expand your horizons is strong at this time, although the likelihood of mix-ups and mishaps in relation to travel, higher education and publishing is stronger at this time too. When it comes to putting in the hard yards when it comes to work, or in relation to your health and fitness you are in a good position. Your home life and relations with your family should continue to go well for you at this time. Career wise, this is a time when all eyes are on you, and you are making a great impression.


Shared resources and intimacy are likely to be on your mind very much at this time. Be sure to double check any details that could trip you up when it comes to events such as inheritances, taxation or insurances now. Those that have children may find this a time when a steady hand and gentle discipline are needed. Communications with children will go a long way now and those that are interested in a creative project will find that they are fairly bubbling over with ideas. Your appreciation for other cultures and countries increases at this time.


Relationships are very much on your mind at this time, and early in the week may find you opening up more with a partner. Unfortunately the possibility of crossed lines is increased at this time, if in doubt, ask for clarification. In the home, you may find yourself more concerned with repairs or preventative maintenance. Family may be the source of some unexpected bonus or gift at this time. Near the end of the week intimacy and shared resources are likely to be under the microscope.


Work and your health and fitness are where a lot of your time and attention is directed at this time. In the workplace, the possibility of errors is high and you may find yourself having to go over paperwork at this time. When it comes to communication, in general, you present as steady, reliable and hard working but may need to watch how you speak to co-workers. Your ability to win others over works well with your partner at this time too, if you have been experiencing any problems, you should be able to discuss this in a calm, rational but caring manner.


Early in the week, you may find yourself going over schedules for sporting events, or in relation to children or a creative hobby of yours. This is probably a good idea as this is an area of your life that is prone to delays and mix-ups at this time. When it comes to finances, you are more disciplined than ever and this is a great time to make a financial plan for where you want to be money wise in the future. You may find yourself having to give up something that you enjoy at this time, but the long term benefits are likely to be so worth it.


Your home and family are very much on your mind at this time. Many will be welcoming lost lost relatives into their homes at this time and for others, this is a great time to tackle any house related projects that may have fallen by the wayside. At this time, you are likely feeling serious but are eager to roll your sleeves up and do what is necessary. Friends are around to help you forget your responsibilities for a little while in any case. Your desire to express your more creative side is likely to be stronger over the next month.


You continue to have a busy time with lots of travelling around your local neighbourhood, catching up with fiends and neighbors and dealing with paperwork. Your energy levels may be lower than usual at this time, but this is a good time to take some time out for yourself. Career wise, you are likely to benefit a little from taking more of a backseat, and you may find that the less you chase, the more you are wanted. Making your home more comfortable and beautiful is something that you will find yourself doing over the next month.


Money is very much on your mind at this time, and you would do well to double check any financial matters that arise at this time, as the potential for errors is higher at this time. When it comes to networking or catching up with friends, this is a time when you come across as perhaps a little more sombre than normal, but certainly as reliable and dependable. Some will be lucky enough to be given a chance to expand their horizons in some way during this time, whether that be via travel or study.