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I've not had the best days recently, and that is why I came up with the #selflovetag. Everyone should be happy with themselves, and love who they are, but unfortunately that's not what is happening. People become more and more unsure of themselves, and I want us to make a difference. So, hopefully, you'll join in on this tag and help create a positivity towards ourselves.

NOTE : I've tried to find out if this tag already exists, and I found nothing, but if it does, please message me!


  • List 5 strengths you have
  • List 10 things you like about yourself
  • 5 things you've done and are proud of
  • Reasons to smile ( because of you)
  • Tips for practicing self love
  • I love myself because...

The tag begins below this line, ENJOY♡

5 strengths

✰ I always manage to get through the hard times, I'm still alive.
✰ I'm intelligent.
✰ I manage to stay happy, even though I don't have much to look forward to at the moment.
✰ I've quit drinking too much.
✰ I'm independent.

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10 things I like

✰ I'm kind to everyone
✰ My hair
✰ My nails
✰ I take great photographs
✰ My handwriting and calligraphy
✰ The fact that I'm beginning to love myself
✰ My strengths
✰ My style
✰ My legs
✰ My skin

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I'm proud of myself

✰ I danced alone on a stage in front of a lot of strangers, even with my anxiety
✰ I was a dancer for a show about mental disorders and to bring awareness to the subject
✰ I worked with a photographer for a few months, and managed to get out of my comfort zone
✰ I've played guitar on a stage in front of many people
✰ I'm way more comfortable with who I am than I was last year

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Reasons to smile

✰ I make friends easily ( when I'm comfortable )
✰ If this tag makes a difference
✰ I'm perfect the way I am
✰ Every single thing above
✰ I'm doing a lot better than before

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Tips for Self Love

Practice self care on a daily basis!

✰ Always try to look on the bright side.
✰ Smile.
✰ Laugh.
✰ Accept yourself.
✰ Understand that you are beautiful.

I love myself because...

I am unique and kind, beautiful and creative. I love myself because I'm the only me there is. I am smart. I try to step outside my comfort zone as much as possible. I am growing as a person.

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I really hope you get inspired to do this tag too♡


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