« You hide behind your hair, behind your glasses, behind your murmurs. »
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Ophélie is a young (little) woman, as clumsy as shy. She lives in Anima and, as an animiste, she can animated objects. Neglected, she wears old dresses and she is really attached to her tricolor living scarf. She has brown curly wild hair and wear glasses. She is a reader : she can read objects and enter into their past. In addition to that, she can go through the mirrors.

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« Forgetting the dead was like killing them a second time. »

She works in a old world's objects museum with her uncle until the day she forced to left her familial arc - Anima - and go to the Pole, a winter land, for being married with a certain Mr Thorn.

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Thorn is antipathique, impassive, cold, distant and quiet. He speaks little and has a tendency to see the talk as a waste of time. He hates everyone and everyone hates him. He is a bastard and have to deal with that. Intendant to the court, he lives between numbers, papers and perfection. The mistake doesn't exist with him. His memory is such that he forgets absolutely nothing.

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« The Intendant is hated by everyone and everyone hates the Intendant. »
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Ophélie is the main character of the book series La passe-miroir by Christelle Dabos and I love her so much. She is an anti-hero, and also can be qualified as an "ugly hero*". But even with her shyness, her little voice, her myopia and if she seems to attract disasters, she reveals herself as a strong woman (and a new kind of herself with Thorn).

*Won the first place in the ranking of "The Ugly Heroes"

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