Hello dear WHI friends and readers,
how are you?

It looks like March was a busy month for korean music.
There were many comebacks and I tried to listen to every album and single of the month.

The list of my fav March songs will be quite long (45 songs, sorry~), but I felt like I should give the same opportunities to each song I liked.

As I did last month I wrote a comment for some of the songs.

Here's the link of the playlist (I suggest you to turn the music on while you're reading the article):

At the end of the article you will find Spotify links of the albums/singles.

Enjoy the music~

Heize - Jenga (feat. Gaeko) // Mianhae (Sorry)

gif, heize, and heize jenga image
gif, heize, and heize janga image
I guess the most of us heard for the first time about Heize after the 2nd season of Unpretty Rapstar when she was a contestant. At that time I didn't understand her popularity. But now I know that she has a really beautiful voice, she can produce very well-made songs and her lyrics are always on point. Above all she loves what she does. That passion lead here where she is now and I'm happy that she's receiving the spotlight she deserves. Hope you will like the two songs I chose.

BIGBANG - Flower road

Temporarily removed
"이 꽃 길 따라 잠시 쉬어가다가 그 자리 그곳에서 날 기다려요" - "You can take some rest walking on this flower road and wait for me right there" /////// If today I am writing about korean music, it is all thanks to BIGBANG. Everything started during a hot day at the end of July 2012. That year BIGBANG dropped their song "Blue". It was the first korean song I have listened to. That very first day I was already a V.I.P., like I am now and like I will always be, proudly walking on the flower road.

Got7 - Look // Thank You (고마워)

aesthetic, asian, and asian boy image
gif and got7 image
aesthetic, asian, and boy image
I like how in Look, thanks to the bridge, the vibe gradually changes from the verse to the chorus. Moreover the coreography is really nice and suits perfectly the song!

Junoflo - Grapevine (feat. Jay Park)

khiphop, hiphop, and kpop image hiphop, kpop, and rapper image
Does love at first listen exist? Since I first listened to Junoflo's voice I think it does. He has great rapping skills and he writes good lyrics. I recommend you his latest album Only Human.

George - Swimming pool

george, korean, and idol image george, korean, and idol image
This is George and his voice will keep you company during a lonely evening.

Jung Ilhoon - She's gone

asian, asian boy, and boy image
She's gone is the title track of BtoB's Ilhoon first solo album. By both singing and rapping, this time he showed his true versatility.

iKON - Rubber Band

Ikon, bobby, and kpop image
I could talk for days about iKON and their talent, but I have already written a ode to them in my January article, so for today I will only let their music speak. This is a nice song to listen during a quiet sunny afternoon. Well, these days it's raining a lot but I'm still listening to it!

JUSTHIS & Paloalto - Switch

korean, khiphop, and justhis image
I feel like recommending the full album to you guys. If you like hip hop I'm sure you will like it. JUSTHIS sharp rap and Paloalto deep voice really work well together.

Hwasa - 덤덤해지네 (Become Calm)

fatal, gif, and hyejin image

MONSTA X - Jealousy

asian, black and white, and boys image
asian, black and white, and boys image
Do you remember Monsta X during their debut era? If you do I guess you noticed how much their style changed. But still I think that the shade that always made Monsta X special never changed. That shade is TALENT.

Jooyoung - Dive

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
One of the most beautiful korean voices is back. After two years of hiatus, due to military service, Jooyoung finally dropped is new album Fountain.


gif, jisung, and nct dream image
NCT Dream, in charge of youthfulness, show us a new side of their music. They have abandoned the joyful and innocent style they have been proposing to us up till now; they are now fiercer and they proudly show their new-found self- confidence.

J-Hope - Daydream

gif, daydream, and bts image
What is the key factor of BTS success? I guess the music they propose. They experiment many styles and always put on good performances, no exception for J-Hope's new mixtape (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Hanhae - In my dream (feat. Gaeko) // Organic life (feat. Reddy, NO:EL)

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WANNA ONE - Boomerang (부메랑)

asian, boys, and gif image

DPR LIVE - Action! (feat. GRAY)

gif image
Here's one of these days hottest South Korean rappers. Have you already listened to his music?

TVXQ! - 운명 (The Chance of Love)

changmin, gif, and tvxq image
Legends are back!

Olivia Hye (LOONA) - Egoist (feat. JinSoul)

gif and loona image
Finally we met all the members of Loona. Each one of them told us a mysterious story that eventually connected to the one of another member. The last one girl to tell her story is Olivia Hye. As the three previous members, she talks about self-love in her songs. Aren't you excited for their debut as a full group? I'm really looking forward to it.

WOOGIE - GIRL (feat. LOCO, 황소윤) // ROLLING STONES (feat. Car, the Garden)

boy, photoshoot, and khiphop image
Woogie Park is an artist under Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone's label H1GHR. He recently dropped these two collaborations that I enjoyed listening to.

Maniac - MoneyMakerz (feat. Jessi, Jay Park)

hiphop, jessi, and kpop image

Hoya - Angel

gif, infinite, and hoya image
After leaving Infinite, Hoya dropped his first solo album. Angel is one of the songs that the album contains. Honey-like voice and smooth moves: this is how Hoya shows us his mesmerizing sexiness.

PENOMECO - Good Morning (feat. Car, the garden)

kpop image
What to say? Penomeco really knows how to grab his listeners attention.

Victoria - Roof on fire (屋顶着火)

victoria, f(x), and victoria song image
Although the song is chinese, I wish that Victoria's voice will help you handle the wait for f(x)'s comeback.

Stray Kids - District 9

gif, kpop, and stray kids image
I don't know much about Stray Kids, but they already seem to have the key for success.

Yong Junhyung - 소나기 (Feat. 10cm)

beast, highlight, and k-pop image beast, highlight, and kpop image

Ann One - This Ain't love

Yeseo - Privacy [SM STATION]

korean, idol, and korea image

SWINGS - Visit You (feat. Colde) (Prod. by IOAH)

Image removed

Samuel - ONE (feat. Jung Ilhoon)

black, boy, and kim image
Despite his young age, Samuel always shows professionalism putting all his efforts in everything he does. Here's his new collaboration with BtoB's Jung Ilhoon.

Dok2 - 1llogic (feat. Chancellor)

the quiett, khiphop, and dok2 image
For his birthday Dok2 dropped two new singles (you will find the other one in the albums section at the end of the article).

Sleepy - iD (prod. by Gray)

korean, khiphop, and k-rap image
During SMTM6 Sleepy opened about his struggle being aknowledged as an entertainer and not as rapper, despite being part of the korean hip-hop scene for years. Now he is back with his new album IDENTITY.

YUTO - Trust ME (feat. E'DAWN, WOOSEOK)

pentagon, photoshoot, and jinho image
kino, pentagon, and hui image pentagon, edawn, and kino image

nafla - 사과상자 (feat. loopy)

42, loopy, and khh image


gif, mxm, and youngmin image

Flowsik x Jessi - All I Need

jessi, music, and summer vibes image


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Shinhwa - All your dreams

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Honeyst - Don't remember

idol, kpop, and fnc image

Golden Child - LADY

gif, bg, and golden child image

Lee Kang - In Vain (괜히) (feat.Yang Da Il)

March was full of nice songs. Which one was your favourite?
Let me know if you liked the article and if there were other songs that you would have put in the list.

Hope you enjoyed the music~ ♪
Thank you for reading. See you next month~



Heize - Wish & Wind

Got7 - Eyes On You

Junoflo - Only Human

Jung Ilhoon - Big wave

JUSTHIS & Paloalto - 4 the Youth

Mamamoo - Yellow Flower

Monsta X - The Connect: Dejavu

Jooyoung - Fountain


j-hope - Hope World

Hanhae - Organic Life

Wanna One - 0+1=1 (I PROMISE YOU)

TVXQ! - New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love

Olivia Hye (LOONA)

Maniac - Money Makerz

HOYA - Shower

Stray Kids - I am NOT

SWINGS - Upgrade III

Dok2 - 1LLOGIC

Sleepy - Identity

Nafla - ANGELS

MXM (BrandNewBoys) - Rematch

GIRIBOY - 2Songs

Golden Child - Miracle

Lee Kang - Romantic


BIGBANG - Flower Road

George - Swimming pool

iKON - Rubber Band

DPR LIVE - Action!

PENOMECO - Good Morning

Yong Junhyung - Sudden Shower (feat. 10cm)

Ann One - This Ain't Love

Yeseo - Privacy

Flowsik - All I Need

Shinhwa - All Your Dreams

Honeyst - Don't remember