Hi dear hearter,

On this amazing place which is WeHeartIt, I saw a lot of articles about the "Harry potter challenge / tag" and a new tag about the tv show The Vampire Diaries.
I thought it will be funny to do the same kind of challenge / tag about one of my favorite tv show ever : American Horror Story.
I hope you like it :)

1. What's your favorite season ?
2. Who is your favorite female character ?
3. Who is your favorite male character ?
4. If you could be any character, who would you be ?

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My favorite season is the 5th, "Hotel" by far. My favorite female character is Lana Winters from the 2nd season. My favorite male character is Nick 'Liz Taylor' Pryor from the 5th season. And I would be Madison Montgomery from the 3rd season.

5. Will you survive to the season, and if not how will you probably die ?
6. Who is the female character you hate the most ?
7. Who is the male character you hate the most ?
8. Who is your favorite bad guy ?

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I would probably die, killed by a ghost, and then became a sassy sarcastic ghost myself. The female character I hate the most, I think it's Constance Langdon in the very first season. The male character I hate the most is probably Dr Oliver Thredson from the season 2. My favorite bad guy is James-Patrick March of course.

9. Your favorite relationship ?
10. The part that made you cry the most.
11. The part that you foundthe most funny.
12. The part that scares you the most.

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Iris and Liz from the 5th season is my favorite relationship. I cried so much when Meep get killed in the 4th season. And I would still crying every time I will watch this season :'( I can't pick just one funny moment, I just know that Chad Warwick from the season 1 make me laugh every single time. That weird pig head creature in roanoke scare me so badly I swear.

13. If you were in asylium, what would be your madness ?
14. If you were in coven, what kind of witch would you be ?
15. If you were in freakshow, what "freak" would you be ?
16. If you were in the hotel, would you be a ghost, a vampire, a human ?

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I would probably be there for paranoid delirium. I would be an associal pyrokineticist witch I think. I would be the fortune teller of the freakshow. I would be a ghost in the hotel, for sure.

17. If you were in roanoke, would you be a ghost from the house, part of The Butcher's squad, part of the weird family, part of the tv squad or an inocent blogger ?
18. If you were in Cult, would you be a part of Kai Anderson's squad ?
19. The character who should not have died ?
20. Your favourite quote ?

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I would be part of the witnesses. In cult I probably would be a part of the SCUM new generation. MEEP ! Meep souldn't died :c

21. Your favourite cast member ?
22. Your crush on the show ?
23. If you could choose to make another season what would it be ?

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Jessica Lange, she's a so talented badass woman. My crush, lets say Maggie Esmerelda. Why not something liked to the irish folklore about fairies who kidnap people ?