March 26/2018
love letter to the person who will appear to me and who will stay with me forever:

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Hello my sweet, I do not know you yet but I know I'll one day. I am writing this letter today so that in the future you will know how much I care about you.
Whenever I'm with you I'll prove it to you, prove to you how much I love you, I do not expect anything in return because loving someone is this, it's giving without waiting to receive and that's okay with it.
I do not promise to always make you happy, because there will be times when you will not be cool, and you will not want to be and I understand that, okay.
I'll take you to places I've never been because I waited to go with you, and I'll enjoy it if you take me to places you've never been too, it's going to be something of our own, that we've done with both of us.
And for me the distance will never be a problem because I trust you so much. I only ask that you love me very much, and that you really show me all your sides. because I want to know you completely, only then can I really love you.

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And our most intimate moments, will be ours alone, only you will know me for real, only in you I trust this feeling and this intimacy,
just for you, only for you, only for you.
while I receive you with open arms and legs I also show you how important you are to me, I show you how true love is, in the form of kisses, caresses and intimacy, without taboos and without any feeling of shyness, I trust both on thee.

Temporarily removed

and when that moment is over, I'll stay awake
holding her hand, seeing how much longer she is than mine.
I'll pass my left hand in your hair, slowly as you try to rest.

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thinking of you that way with me is a good thing, you know?
I can have a good intimacy with you without fear of opening myself
It seems like I've known you for so long.
It's like I feel complete, nothing else exists for me when I see you, I'm inside this invisible bubble.

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❤ for all lovers who are reciprocal ❤ love is love

victoria lays 💖