I have been reading We Heart It articles for about a year or two now. What I've noticed and loved is the support each reader has for the person who has the courage to post their very personal experiences on such a public platform. It takes great courage on the behalf of both role players: the reader and the writer. The reader reacts to show that they, in one way or another, resinate or relate with the topic and that in itself allows others to know that they have been through things... As for the writer, you make yourself especially vulnerable as you account for first-hand experiences, hoping you may receive support from the outside but also to support others who may feel alone, letting them know that they aren't! I am writing to second this.

I have always read We Heart It articles to know that I am not the only one feeling the way I do. Although it's never advice directed at me specifically, I've always felt like the author is looking at me while they write. I have recently returned to South Africa after spending six months working in the South of England and I have never felt like more of a fish out of water. I discovered when I was in England, that I had been living in the wrong Country. Now that I'm back in SA and studying, my family have made it very clear that theres no going back to England until I've completed my studies. For the past 3 months I've been putting on a fake smile in the day light and a frown with a river running down my face come evening. I now know what I want, and it's not here.

This is not where I belong, and I want to hear other readers "I don't belong" experiences - lets be there for each other. TOGETHER, we can belong.