I'd like to say I'm good at things alone
But I'm not
Always have been & always will be a teamplayer
Other people give me strength
Strength that i don't have without them

I'm not really dependent, I just like to know that I can count on others.
To advise me, to support me when I have to make decisions that are gonna need more than just a pro/con list.
To have faith in me, even when the world already lost it.
To tell me over and over again that I'm not 'just someone in the crowd'
But that I'm valued & that I can make a difference if I want to.

I can't do that all by myself, and I'm so grateful that I don't have to.
But some people do, because they don't have that same group of friends or family.
And if we just cooperate with each other to find the people that need help, we can make this society just a little bit better.
Still not perfect or flawless, but that's never gonna be the case.