I do my own list of my March favorites, 'cause it is a good thing and I can remember what I loved so much in that month. So, now I'm gonna show to you, what I loved so much. I hope you will like it., let's get into it!
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First at first - Things
Abusive image cactus, drawing, and idea image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
-Cacatais are the best and in this month I bought one and it's soo cute. Also I brought a cactai light with fairy lights, just awesome!-
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-Absoluetly WHI! When I'm here I just feel free and when I was home. So, thank you so much WHI, you mean to me so much.-
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-Wattpad is my world where I just can write anything from my magically crazy thoughts. It's just a good place, not like this, but I love it!-
-Articles. When the update comes, I think that I'm not that good to write articles up here, but in this year I saw a Harry Potter tag, and why not, it's just cool, I ant my own. And here I am, I write this article and I love all my followers who they heart my articles, you are the best!-
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-I also bought some cool and cute looking fairy lights and it brings a comfy feeling to my bedroom.-
characters, cup of coffee, and fall in love image cherry, cherry blossom, and Collage image Collage, family, and friendship image girls, him, and mine image
-My stories and other stories from other writer's on wattpad. I just love to write stories and that thing when I have readers.-
-I just love tags, they are just so cool articles, like everyone write in their own way and it's so cool.-
tea, wallpaper, and background image tea, Hot, and drink image Temporarily removed tea, healthy, and mint image
-I drank so much tea last month, like a tea addict, but now, here are the hotter days, so I slow with this thing.-
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-This was the first time when I tried out mango, and it was so delicious! I love it!-
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-I just strated liking so much outfits. There are so cool ones and I want them so much...life is so hard...-
girl, flowers, and pink image pink, japan, and nature image cat, cute, and animal image Temporarily removed
-Cherry blossoms are the prettiest flowers I ever see, one day.-
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-Hanami. I write an article about it, so check it if you want to know much about it.-
funny, bts, and kpop image books, fiction, and follow image comico, fanfiction, and wattpad image Image removed
-Fanfictions are just life, haha.-
candle, pink, and bambi image candle, pink, and yankee candle image autumn, candle, and fall image candle, fall, and autumn image
-They hace just a delicious smell and it so decorative for you bedroom.-
Songs and artists
Image removed bts, jimin, and jungkook image Image removed bts, jin, and jungkook image
-BTS is lifeu!-
Temporarily removed army, jin, and k-pop image bts and song image background, crystal snow, and wallpaper image
-Crystal Snow by BTS-
stray kids, kpop, and Chan image kpop, stray kids, and lee know image kpop and stray kids image
-Just become a Stray Kids addict, haha.-
JYP, kpop, and hellevator image JYP, kpop, and hellevator image stray kids, felix, and kpop image seungmin, stray kids, and felix image
-Hellevator by Stray Kids. It's just so awesome!-
Seventeen, jun, and vernon image Seventeen, vernon, and kpop image Temporarily removed Seventeen, jun, and vernon image
-Seventeen boys are just cool.-
kpop, Seventeen, and thanks image performance, Seventeen, and thanks image clap, Seventeen, and 💎 image Temporarily removed
-Thanks & Clap by Seventeen-
grrr, JYP, and kpop image felix, grrr, and han image Temporarily removed Chan, felix, and gif image
-Grrr by Stray Kids-
Shows and their stuff
gossip girl, blair, and chuck bass image gossip girl, chocolate, and food image Image removed gossip girl, blair waldorf, and chuck bass image
-Gossip Girl was so fantastic, I miss it so much.-
Image by cry baby love, gossip girl, and chuck bass image gossip girl, chuck bass, and wedding image blair, follow, and like image
-Chair was such a beautiful love story!-
sheldon cooper, big bang theory, and sheldon image sarcasm, the big bang theory, and leonard image love, funny, and sheldon image the big bang theory, sheldon, and tbbt image
-Sheldon for president, haha.-
the big bang theory, sheldon, and tbbt image bazinga, keep calm, and the big bang theory image bazinga, sheldon, and sheldon cooper image Image removed
Image removed starbucks, pikachu, and pokemon image autumn, fall, and starbucks image starbucks, coffee, and car image
-Starbucks is my homie.-
Other stuff from me
Temporarily removed quotes, creative, and easel image Temporarily removed book, bun, and girl image
-Writing is for me a lifestyle. I just can't live without it.-
Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It zombies, tvseries, and znation image brain, zombies, and funny image
-Zombies are just cool creatures, but I want to be a zombie hunter. Is it right?-
Temporarily removed Image by enchanted_vibes vintage, car, and aesthetic image car, driving, and girl image
-I just have my driving license and I live driving. It's so awesome!-

So, this was my March favorites article. I hope you enjoy it and if you want to talk about anything, like about this article or other stuff, just leave me a message. And let me know if you liked this article. Have a really good day or night and be yourself! Byeee!

LA, out.