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Let's talk about holidays and suitcase today. A lot of us really like to travel and here are what I used to put in my suitcase. It's just the basic but you can add other things if you want. So let's go!

  • My phone: Yes because it's a tool of communication between my friends and I. It helps me to take photos sometimes and it informs me of the news in the world even if I watch TV. You know, social media. This is what I'm talking about.
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  • My glasses: I need them to drive and it's very useful if you can see very far like me. I see the horizon a little bit blurry. And otherwise take your sunglasses too!
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  • A pen or your pencil case: It sounds weird but believe me, at any moment you can need to have a pen. And I have to do my homework so... You know what I mean
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  • My computer: To update my blog and write my story. Especially if you have started a new story like me ahahah. I'm thinking about right it in English too but I have to wait because it's a collaboration with one of my friend. And watch Youtube's video even if I can do this on my phone.
  • *Underwear*: It's better if you go somewhere for several days... But I know that sometimes I can forget things like this in my suitcase.
  • My Camera: 'Cause I know the colours of the trees there are just wonderful. You can have red, yellow, orange, brown in the same place. So I'm gonna take some photos once there.
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  • *Headphones*: I look like unsocial ahahahahah, but when you're in the car sometimes you won't listen to the radio because the music in France isn't very good all the time. So I take it wherever I go!
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  • Some Snacks: (and water) if you're are a little bit hungry, snack is your best friend. It exists now lots of sorts of snacks, very practical to take with you on your bag or your pocket.
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  • Toothbrush: I forget it once and I had to buy an another one... And it's not funny at all... I promise you.
  • *Lips Balm*: I don't know why I take this all the time and wherever I go but I like this thing ahahah
  • A raincoat and good shoes: It depends on where you're going but I know that the weather can be annoying... So get prepared!
  • *Book(s)*: I know everyone doesn't like read but it can be a good way to spend the time faster when you're in a car or a plane or a train... For myself, I can't read when someone drives because I caught a big headache.
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  • *Drugs*: No, no, no. Not drugs like illegal substances but like something against pain or fever. Even if you're just going for two days, it can make the difference! I've got some drugs when I'm going to school in case of a headache or stomachache.
  • And don't forget your charger and an adaptor if you're going to another country like England. 'Cause I know that we need a thing like this to go to England and USA too.

This all I usually take to go on holidays. If you want I make another list to tell you what I can wear and can take to go to a party.
What are your propositions?

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